Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Maintenance

AEO Maintenance services ensuring continued status compliance

Achieving AEO status marks the end of a lengthy internal process and successful audits by HMRC. It is easy to relax once the certificate is achieved, knowing the next scheduled AEO audit will not be due for another 3 years. We have found from experience that periodic maintenance days ensure you are keeping up to date with your newly established audit trails, ensuring you don’t get caught out down the line.

We recommend a quarterly, biannual or annual maintenance program, depending on the extent of your economic activities. Our maintenance services can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Vartan Consultancy maintenance service

All of our maintenance days are completed with you on site. We can change the focus of the visits, depending on your needs or compliance concerns, to ensure you get the maximum benefit.


How Vartan Consultancy can help you

Regular external audits and health checks will ensure ongoing compliance with AEO criteria, along with refresher training for staff and regular procedure reviews to keep up with your operations as they change over time. We can attend during HMRC reassessments to provide ongoing support and expertise, and will be on hand to deal with post audit matters. Our ongoing AEO management is designed to ensure your procedures and audit trails are maintained at the required level, protecting your Approved Economic Operator status.