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Just Released – CDS Export Training


VARTAN have just opened the doors to our latest training programme:  CDS EXPORT TRAINING.  December 2023 is fully booked already, but we still have some places available in January and February 2024.  Call us today to get booked in.  We’re able to carry out in-person or online training.


In addition to CDS Training, VARTAN also offer a range of Customs training packages for both imports and exports, tailored specifically to you and your business.

Customs systems evolve and change, and it is essential that businesses understand the detail of submitting declarations.

Our training courses provide a detailed look at the current systems and entry of the information required.

Our consultants are able to provide a basic introduction to Customs procedures – ideal for a company who are currently only dealing with the EU and could be faced with having to do Customs entries for the first time in the post-Brexit environment.  Perhaps you have new members of staff but no resources or expertise to fully train them.

More advanced training may be required if you want to up-skill staff currently involved in third-country imports, by introducing alternative Customs procedures that could help to reduce your tax and duty burden.

Our training covers the following areas:

• Customs role in international trade

• Customs terminology and definitions

• Invoices and documentation

• Researching Customs procedures and correspondence

• UK Trade Tariff including specific import and export controls

• Classification of goods

• Incoterms and Customs valuation

• Customs warehousing

• Import and export Customs procedure codes

• Import licensing and tariff quotas

• Preferential rates of duty

• Rules of Origin

• Auditing of Customs Entries

• Post Clearance Amendments

• Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

How VARTAN can help you

Our team is so passionate about customs compliance and helping businesses avoid the risk of hefty fines as well as discovering duty reclaim opportunities, that we’ve been offering FREE Customs Audits. We’ve had some real successes; overpayments getting repaid and potential fines avoided for incomplete and incorrect entries.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

No judgement here, but we see so often businesses with ‘blind spots’. Their in-house method of training customs clearances without expert knowledge of penalties or changes in legislation leaves them open to making costly mistakes over many years, potentially risking thousands of pounds in fines or overpayments.

⭐️ FREE Customs Audit ⭐️– what’s involved?
It’s a business no-brainer and you’ve got nothing to lose. Even if you’re pretty sure you’re spot-on with your entries, it’s reassuring to make sure, right?

Here’s how it works. Our expert customs consultants will audit a sample of your customs entries and provide you with a traffic-light report to show their findings. You’ll get to see what you’re doing right, what’s questionable and what, quite frankly, is incorrect.

What’s next?

It’s as easy as contacting us and booking your audit, places are limited so be quick!

We also offer a selection of Customs training packages through our online training platform.

If you need help, would like to take advantage of our free audit or just need a discussion to understand your options and how our training could help your business, then please get in touch.

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