Ensuring your import, export and transit obligations are met

The penalties for non-compliance are often severe and can damage the reputation of a company with both its clients and HMRC. In this new era of global trade facilitation for known shippers, compliance is also key in obtaining approvals such as AEO.

How Vartan Consultancy can help you

By assisting you in navigating the complexities of customs regulations we can help you avoid penalties. At the same time we will help you maximise your financial benefits by identifying areas of opportunity for your business.



Vartan Consultancy provides a comprehensive range of customs compliance services to help ensure a business maintains its obligations. At the same time we also identify any areas of opportunity for reducing duty payable or releasing cash flow by advising which duty suspension schemes may be beneficial.

Our Customs Health Check will assess the business, identifying any areas of customs compliance risk
or opportunity. This includes a discussion to scope the nature of the business and a comprehensive
customs file audit followed by a full report.

We can also provide expert guidance and reports covering:

  • Customs Classification
  • Origin Preference
  • Deferment Account – SIVA
  • Entry Auditing
  • Duty Reclaims
  • Inward Processing (IP), Outwrad Processing (OP) and Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)
  • Customs Comprehensive Guarantee