Customs Freight Simplified Procedures


What is CFSP?

Administered by HMRC, Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) is a flexible customs declaration system for importers.

There are two types of CFSP Authorisation.

Simplified Declaration Procedure (SDP): Used for releasing goods at the frontier to a customs procedure.

Entry in the Declarant’s Records (EIDR): A declaration is made in the trader’s records rather than directly to HMRC, releasing them to a customs procedure.

You must be authorised by HMRC to operate CFSP and hold a specific or general customs authorisation, such as Customs Warehousing, Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Free Zones, Temporary Admission and End-use.

What goods are eligible for CFSP?

The majority of imported third country goods are eligible for CFSP. There are a few exceptions such as hydrocarbon oils, ATA carnet goods & goods imported or dispatched from North Korea.


Who is eligible for CFSP?

To be eligible, you must satisfy HMRC criteria, which includes:
• Being registered as a Ltd company, a partnership or sole trader
• Having an electronic reporting system
• Having an Economic Operator number (EORI)
• Having a good record of Customs compliance
• Being financially solvent
• Maintaining documented procedures
• Being able to use your deferment account or a third party’s

Deferment Account

When paying for Duty & VAT using CFSP, you must use a Deferment Account because CFSP is an electronic method that uses CHIEF. Therefore other payment methods are not acceptable.

The deferment account used may be yours or the account may belong to a third party, as long as Customs have written permission from the owner of the account that is to be used.

CFSP – The Benefits

• Accelerated release of your shipments at the frontier, subject to anti-smuggling checks
• Can be used in conjunction with Customs Warehousing to suit the needs of the business
• Cash flow improvements
• Able to submit frontier & supplementary declarations electronically
• Build a trusted partnership with HMRC so that future visits are based on targeted risk
• Able to use a third-party service provided to submit electronic declarations

How VARTAN can help you

Our experienced Customs consultants will assist in the drafting of the C&E48 application form & questionnaire, as well as working closely with you to implement comprehensive, documented CFSP procedures.

Working with you, we will discuss the CFSP authorisation that will suit your business the best, as well as the benefits that will be available to you.

We are also able to assist you in applying for a CCG, Deferment Account, SIVA and AEO.

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