Customs Training: SME Brexit Support Fund launched

Smaller businesses can now apply for grants of up to £2000

Customs Training

Designed to suit your business

As we look ahead to Brexit, and beyond, it is essential that businesses understand the information required to be submitted to Customs.

Vartan offers a range of Customs training for both imports and exports.

Our training courses provide a detailed look at the information required to be submitted to Customs, and they can be adapted to suit the need of any business.

This could be from a very basic introduction to Customs procedures – ideal for a company who are currently only dealing with the EU & could be faced with having to do Customs entries for the first time in a post-Brexit environment.

More advanced training may be required if you want to up-skill staff currently involved in third-country imports, by introducing alternative Customs procedures that could help to reduce your tax and duty burden.

Our training covers the following areas:

• Customs role in international trade

• Customs terminology and definitions

• Invoices and documentation

• Researching Customs procedures and correspondence

• The Customs tariff

• Classification of goods

• Incoterms and Customs valuation

• Customs warehousing

• Import and export Customs procedure codes

• Import licensing and tariff quotas

• Preferential rates of duty

• Rules of Origin

• Auditing of Customs Entries

• Post Clearance Amendments

• Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

How Vartan can help you

Our highly experienced training team are experts in Customs compliance and all have backgrounds within the customs, freight & logistics industry.

This means we can assign specialists with the experience & knowledge to deliver your Customs training & ensure that your business is provided with the correct level of training to take you to the standard that you require.

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