Do you know what is on your doorstep?
The Heseltine Report published in October 2012 has a key theme running through it. Suffolk County Council has recently launched a Growth Strategy that talks about it. The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, which your Chamber works together with has been charged with delivering it.

But what is ‘it’?

‘It’ equals driving the economy forward by ensuring that the effectiveness of both private and public sectors can be maximised. When your business needs ‘something’ you should be able to source it locally at a competitive price and at a level of quality that reduces the need to look further afield.

Therefore how can you locate a local business to meet your requirements? Speak to your Chamber of Commerce and register on their Supply Chain Portals to ensure you are fully up to speed.

The challenge to all those in business that are fighting their way through these challenging economic times is to ensure that buyers in both the private and public sectors know about you. Have a persuasive offering which is based firmly on quality products and services. Encourage your employees to adopt innovative ways of working and continually drive up the skill base. Your Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business and is here to help but there has to be a degree of getting out there and actually doing it – make buyers want to use you.

Whatever your political persuasion, one of Michael Heseltine’s comments is probably right… ‘As the saying goes, we are all in it together’