Health and Safety Management

Creating a positive and sustainable safety culture at work

We believe a hands-on proactive approach will significantly reduce the chance of a life changing accident occurring on your watch.

How VARTAN can help you

Our mission is to help you keep your people safe by reducing the risk of exposure from accidents in the workplace, and thus protecting you from serious penalties. We offer unique Health and Safety solutions depending on your business requirement.

Our experienced team of Health and Safety consultants will guide you through the complex legislation to find practical solutions that enable you to continue to work effectively. We will ensure you have safe procedures in place to meet your legal obligations, providing you with the peace of mind that you are protecting your team, along with any other visitors to your site.

Our approach is to change the culture leading to a long-term proactive approach to health and safety management and accident prevention.


Get your culture right

Effective health and safety management not only involves the identification of hazards and risks, and implementing relevant procedures to reduce accidents and exposure, but also helps businesses to get the safety culture right. In addition, regular training of personnel in accident or emergency response, safe use of equipment and personal protective clothing further reduce your business risk.


Effective Health & Safety Leadership

Senior management members often look the other way when ‘Health and Safety’ is raised as a subject. This is actually quite understandable, but is nearly always because they don’t fully understand how a positive risk management ethos will add value directly onto the bottom-line.

Eliminating serious accidents throughout your business will improve staff morale and also prevent time being diverted from your key strategic objectives. A serious accident will often take entire management teams away from their work for several days or weeks.


Employee Engagement

What do your employees do when no-one is looking?  You can go to great expense to have a comprehensive set of risk assessments and safe systems of work, but how can you get your staff to actually follow these instructions?

There is an inextricable link to the leadership style that you and your fellow directors adopt.

With many years of working within a Manufacturing and Supply Chain background, VARTAN has invaluable experience in developing positive health and safety cultures. By involving us we will make sure that compliance flows through the business.