Operator’s Licence Compliance

Keeping your Fleet moving

Your Operator’s Licence could be your company’s most valuable asset. If you are operating for hire or reward, you are not legally permitted to operate vehicles over 3.5 tonne without one.

But the health of Operator Licence systems, procedures and paperwork is often overlooked.

Failure to have the correct systems and processes in place can put your licence at risk and could lead to investigation by the Traffic Commissioner.

The penalties for non-compliance are often severe and they can damage the reputation of a company with its clients and with HMRC.

The benefits of Operator’s Licence Compliance


  • Being able to display ‘continuous and effective management’
  • Peace of mind for your Fleet Manager and your Directors
  • Potential to achieve DVSA Earned Recognition status
  • A key enabler for obtaining approvals such as AEO

How VARTAN can help you

VARTAN can assist you by conducting an Operator Licence and Systems Audit, producing a ‘report and action’ programme which will detail any steps required to ensure legal compliance with your Operator Licence obligations.

We can then help you make those steps, providing support and assistance where necessary, including:

  • External Transport Manager provision
  • Business improvement consultancy services optimising bottom-line performance
  • Public inquiries & driver conduct hearings
  • Business planning & financial reporting
  • Fixed price operator licence applications
  • Tachograph analysis & support
  • Compliance solutions e.g. Driver Defect Reporting
  • Virtual transport office support

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