The Compliance Experts Podcast

VARTAN are delighted to launch ‘The Compliance Experts Podcast’.

An honest and straight-talking podcast series hosted by compliance expert Miles Vartan who, alongside top experts in the UK, will iron out the confusion of compliance across all sectors and disciplines. Miles and guests take a deep dive into legislation by challenging it head on, developing ideas through conversation and providing tangible solutions to help us all manage the jungle of compliance and risk management. Miles, with his guests, will also tackle the latest news and hot topics as they happen.

Bartrums Haulage Truck

Episode 12: Fuel shortages, limited warehousing and diminishing truck stops – how are hauliers staying on the road?

In this episode Miles talks to Tremayne Johnson (Bartrums) about the haulage industry and the various developments of some of the largest and smallest haulage firms in the UK

UK EU Customs

Episode 11: How do you keep employees safe in a high-risk environment?

Miles and his guest, Debbie Farman (Tubes Scaffolding) remind us that you can’t just throw a team together – you have to make sure that your workforce and members of the public are kept safe

UK EU Customs

Episode 10: What should we be doing NOW to join the Sizewell C Project?

With less than a year to the ‘spade in the ground’ at Sizewell C, what should SMEs be doing to join the Supply Chain?

UK EU Customs

Episode 9: EU Customs and Excise 2022 – How are we coping and what’s next?

Miles leads his panel of experts into conversation about the latest legislation for importing goods into the UK from the EU and how hauliers and UK companies are coping with the change.

Carbon plan

Episode 8: Keeping Guests and Staff safe with ever changing Covid regulations

Miles and his guest, Bruce Marques (Milsoms) discuss UK Covid regulations and the vital role of health and safety in the hospitality sector.

Carbon plan

Episode 7: Carbon neutrality and de-risking your business from climate change

Miles talks to Dr Nigel Davies (Muntons) about Carbon Plans, being carbon-neutral and protecting your brand by creating sustainability.

Episode 6: Job opportunities and a £4.5 billion investment in East Anglia

Miles talks to three Sizewell managers about the potential business benefits of the Sizewell C project.

Episode 5: The shortage of Lorry Drivers in the UK is an escalating problem – We reveal the real issues behind the crisis and potential solutions

Miles talks to driver Giedrius Katkunas (VKVP) about current driving conditions and the issues that today’s UK haulage drivers face.

Episode 4: The UK is buying more online than it can store and deliver – can we build enough warehousing to contain this growth?

Miles talks to Carl Day (Anchor Freight) about this escalating problem for warehousers and haulage firms and they take a look at innovative plans around the rising demand for storage.

Episode 3: At last, back to work – BUT – ‘How are you’?

In this episode Miles and guest Laura Thomas (Legal & QHSE Director of Jackson Civil Engineering) talk about going back to the office after such a long time working from home. But, is it that simple?

Episode 2: Time to face up to those new Brexit import and export laws!

It’s been tough and it’s about to get tougher! Miles and his expert guests unpack the latest Brexit laws on importing and exporting and deep dive into the nitty gritty of the looming legislation.

Episode 1: Welcome to the world of compliance – you’re invited to join us!

In this first episode Miles Vartan gives us an overview of what he and his guests will bring to this honest and straight-talking podcast series.

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