RSSL secures AEOC as part of strategy to mitigate Brexit disruption

Science lab secures certification as part of their Brexit strategy

At the forefront of providing industry-leading scientific and technical solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biopharmaceutical and FMCG sectors, RSSL (Reading Scientific Services Ltd) has secured Authorised Economic Operator Customs Simplifications (AEOC) certification ahead of whatever Brexit presents the UK within terms of supply chain complexities.

AEOC certification demonstrates that RSSL adheres to HMRC and Client procedures efficiently, significantly reducing the probability of delays being experienced at the UK Border. Other benefits of the certification include faster application processes for customs simplifications and authorisations, and reductions in, or waivers of, comprehensive guarantees.

Jacinta George, RSSL’s managing director, says: “Our scientists work with 80% of the top 15 FMCG companies as well as the leading 15 global pharmaceutical companies. Much of what we test in our laboratories is air-freighted, making the potential of delays a genuine concern to us. AEOC certification gives reassurance to our customers that their samples, which can include foodstuffs and even human tissue, are processed quickly through the airport, with no delays. Certification then works in reverse, giving our clients the confidence that their samples will be safely and expediently returned to wherever in the world they are based.

“To assist in achieving AEOC, we commissioned the services of risk management consultancy, VARTAN. With a first-rate reputation for securing certification for their clients, we knew we were in safe hands. Internationally known as a mark of quality, our successful certification is a very public and tangible acknowledgement of the systems and processes we have in place.”

As well as providing analysis and testing for the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, the scientists at RSSL also help parent company Mondelez to develop chocolate, biscuit and confectionery products for brands including Cadbury, Oreo and Bassett’s.

Miles Vartan, Managing Director of VARTAN, commented: “The AEO process, from Gap analysis to final certification took RSSL and VARTAN, working together, six months. With a Brexit result ever-looming, both HMRC and Border Force are actively encouraging businesses involved in international trade to consider applying for AEOC. Unfortunately, the number of UK companies achieving registration lags firmly behind other EU countries and HMRC is doing everything it can to assist companies looking to push through certification. Having secured certification for 100 plus companies in many industry sectors, our recommendation has to be that if your business is involved in the movement of consignments into and out of the UK, AEOC isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must.”