The case of 21 migrants found hidden in a trailer in Calais earlier this week has underlined once again the vulnerability of trucks stopping before reaching the French Channel port.

The 21 migrants found hidden in a trailer this week probably entered HGV at a layby around 100km from the French port.

The stowaways were discovered on the premises of Calais-based haulier Carpentier when one of the firm’s workers heard tapping from inside the trailer.

Company chief David Sagnard told French media that he had good reason to believe the migrants climbed aboard the HGV around 100 kilometres from Calais at a lay-by on the A26 motorway, which according to him should never been allowed to happen.

“We have had very strict protocols in place for some time now to prevent migrants getting aboard our trucks,” he said.

He said taking even a short break in a layby on a road that led to Calais was an ill-advised move.


Referenced from Lloyds Loading List by Stuart Todd | Friday, 26 February 2016