VARTAN are delighted to launch ‘The Compliance Experts Podcast’. Hosted by Miles Vartan, Managing Director and Compliance Expert of VARTAN Consultancy, the podcast tackles compliance as well as making sense of legislation through discussion.

An honest and straight-talking podcast series hosted by compliance expert Miles Vartan who, alongside top experts in the UK, will iron out the confusion of compliance across all sectors and disciplines. Miles and guests take a deep dive into legislation by challenging it head on, developing ideas through conversation and providing tangible solutions to help us all manage the jungle of compliance and risk management. Miles, with his guests, will also tackle the latest news and hot topics as they happen.

The Compliance Experts Podcast is available right now on podcast directories and via our podcast page here

You are invited to get involved with The Compliance Experts Podcast– Miles would love to hear from you to get your opinion, answer your questions and help guide you through any of your compliance challenges.


Fancy being a guest on future episodes? Please contact us

Disclaimer: At the time of recording the information in this podcast was deemed to be correct BUT please note legislation, deadlines and information can change on a daily basis – so please always check in with Vartan Consultancy for up-to-the-minute information.