In this podcast episode Miles chats to Bruce Marques, Deputy General Manager at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall in Ipswich.

Bruce, originally from South Africa, has worked in UK Hospitality for 9 years and at Milsoms for 2 years. With a lifetime career in hospitality, he understands the vital role of health and safety for both guests and staff, and talks about his first-hand experiences of how effective training and compliance has saved lives.

Milsoms Kesgrave Hall employs locally as a priority, providing jobs and security in the local community and between 30-40% of employees are customers, particularly children and grandchildren of lifetime patrons.

Bruce talks about the emphasis on induction training for new employees and the regular training on health and safety rules and regulations throughout the entire staff from trips and hazards to food and hygiene safety, as well as fire regulations. As he says, it saves lives – as he later recounts a terrifying experience in a previous hotel in West Sussex that burned to the ground without a single injury to guests or staff.

Miles also asks Bruce about how they are handling current Covid measures with the latest Omicron variant making news across the world, and about the importance of healthy eating as pressure builds to reduce burgeoning obesity levels across the UK.

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