In light of the article below, Miles from Vartan Consultancy would suggest that:

  • You make sure that your drivers are aware of the powers of the Traffic Commissioner in terms of their own vocational driving licence
  • Checks are made with your tachograph checking procedures to ensure this would not happen within your business
  • Interesting comment about the Working Time Directive ~ not often you see this in print, but check that your WTD recording data is up to date and all drivers have signed a current opt-out

Any questions please give us a call.


Published Monday 22 February 2016 4:32 pm in Logistics Manager

A HGV driver has been given a 12-month ban by a traffic commissioner after he illegally used another driver’s tachograph card to work double shifts. This comes after an amended legislative document, outlining the increased role of traffic commissioners in driver conduct, was published in December.

The newly amended legislation says that while criminal courts are concerned with punishing for criminal offences – the role of the traffic commissioner is to determine whether or not a driver is fit to obtain or continue to hold a licence.

Nick Denton, the traffic commissioner who enforced the ban, said that the driver’s conduct “severely jeopardises road safety”. Stephen Duggan, the driver, regularly worked between 70 and 80 hours, and sometimes up to 90 hours a week – the maximum allowed under the Working Time Directive is 60 hours.