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Introducing VARTAN CDS Training

Following last year’s successful launch of our online video tutorials, we’re excited to introduce our CDS Training package which is now available on our training platform.

With the switch to Customs Declaration Service (CDS) from CHIEF now live for imports and the final retirement of CHIEF scheduled for the end of March 2023 when exports go live, it’s imperative you act now if you haven’t already done so.

From that date, the only means of declaring import and export goods to Customs in the UK will be via CDS. 

At the very least, to remain compliant your organisation will need to register for CDS on the Government Gateway, regardless of whether you complete the entries yourselves.

Even if you are familiar with CHIEF, the new Customs Declaration Service introduces new data elements that were not previously required on a CHIEF declaration, so it is important to recognise these changes and give a lot more thought to the process.

Our consultants at VARTAN have been flat out training customers face-to-face across the country on CDS Transition training.  To add to our portfolio, we’ve introduced this online CDS Training package to give customers the chance to familiarise themselves with CDS.

In VARTAN’s CDS Training package, consultant James Bloomfield covers an introduction to CDS, changes between CDS and CHIEF, how to determine the correct ‘declaration category’ and an insight into the 8 groups of data elements that are replacing the ‘boxes’ on a C88 in CHIEF.

‘Procedure Codes’ and ‘Additional Procedure Codes’ that are replacing the current ‘Customs Procedure Code’ are explained and there’s help on how to complete the CDS declaration itself and provide information regarding the additional data required for data element 3 (Parties) which isn’t currently needed for a CHIEF declaration.

VARTAN’s CDS Training package is available now for an investment of just £275 plus VAT. This gives you access to the training video which you can view at your own pace, and stopped/started as many times as you like.  Also included in the price is a follow-up 30 minute call with one of our consultants to answer any specific questions you may have.

If you need help or just need a discussion to understand your options and how this training could help your business, then please get in touch.

VARTAN CDS training