VARTAN celebrating '100 not out'

Since the launch of AEO accreditation back in 2008, risk management consultancy, VARTAN, has helped over 100 companies work towards achieving this game-changing ‘trusted trader’ certification.

Miles Vartan, says: “In total, we’ve supported 100 companies achieve AEO, with two more currently being audited by HMRC. And our 100% application success record speaks for itself.

“We’re particularly proud of our AEO work as we’ve supported 10% of UK companies applying for accreditation to reach their goal. Between 2008 and 2015, we guided just 17 companies through the process, but in 2019 alone we worked with 40. And it’s not only logistics companies looking to secure AEO’s advantages. We’re working with research labs, metal finishers, food producers and manufacturers. The benefits it brings are not just for the ‘big boys’, but any sized organisation smart enough to embrace the process. And, if you factor in the implications of Brexit at the end of January, AEO is more critical than ever.”

Taking an average of six months to complete the process, each client works with a designated team at VARTAN. Miles continues: “The process involves being privy to some of a company’s most confidential information, and so it’s essential there must be a dedicated team in place that a client can trust.

“Having gone through the process as many times as we have, we understand HMRC’s expectations and can mitigate any risks or issues that could impede the project. We also only recommend clients apply when we’re 100% confident they’re ready to be audited by HMRC.”

Like the England Cricket team, Miles believes his company is in great shape for 2020. He adds: “Everyone has their moment, just like Ben Stokes recently recognised for his efforts when he was voted BBC Sports Personality of the year; I believe VARTAN is in its ascendency.

“Our reputation for AEO accreditation is growing fast, which is borne out by the fact we have seen an increase in companies registering their interest to work with us, month on month. I’d urge anyone making plans for how they do business in 2020 to put AEO on their new year’s resolutions list.”