Warehouse Certifications

Adding value to your business

Selling your warehouse space for maximum return is easier when supported by certifications or accreditations. In addition to more general internationally recognised certificates, there is a range of specific warehouse standards that you can apply for, to suit your client base and business model.

The benefits

By holding one or more warehouse certifications, you can assure your clients that you follow the appropriate practices for their specialist products. They also allow you to broaden your range of potential clients by expanding your services to more specialist sectors. Security certifications reduce theft and give confidence to clients with high value and high theft risk products.


How warehouse certifications reduce risk

By gaining any of the warehouse specific certifications you have an opportunity to improve your internal procedures, thereby reducing service errors and improving customer service. ISO, AEO and or BRC certifications will differentiate your business from competitors as they allow warehouses to demonstrate that risk management procedures are in place. A relatively new area that comes under scrutiny are your employees; you need to know a bit more about your staff rather than simply where they live and what experience they have.


How Vartan can help you

We can offer advice and guidance as to which options would best fit your business and what is involved in each.

Vartan has worked with numerous companies to successfully gain a range of warehousing certifications. We work with you to implement sustainable systems ensuring the required procedures and checks are practical and easy to maintain for ongoing compliance. In addition, we offer regular auditing services for additional ongoing support. All projects are bespoke because we recognise that all of our clients are different and we work to design the best solutions to meet your specific needs.